This meet consists of a weekend of enjoying Model A's and Model A fellowship. Weekend events include a tour, cookouts, kids' games, car games, chapter team events, women's rolling pin toss, a dance, fund raising auction, raffles, and a lot of fun.

Bringing a Model A is not required to enjoy this weekend, just a love of the Model A. We have some participants that come for the weekend that grew up in a participating club, but do not own a Model A. What brings them back?? Childhood memories of camping in Central Wisconsin, riding in the backseat of a coupe, meeting other kids their age?

This event is held on the Central Wisconsin Chapter MARC/MAFCA's 10-acre wooded Clubgrounds, just outside of Wisconsin Rapids, with many of the weekend's activities revolving around the Clubhouse. Camping is available on the Clubgrounds, for those who can rough it for the weekend. For those who prefer roughing it with with wall to wall carpeting, there are a wide variety of motels close by.